Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cloth - day 1

Well, we did it (sorta)... I've used gdiapers for 4 diaper changes now. The first was a complete blowout - literally :)
Let me back up... I ended up purchasing 4 hemp prefolds (got these used from diaperswappers) and 4 organic cotton prefolds (got these new, also from diaperswappers). To see my previous post with all the options I discovered click here. To prep them, I boiled the prefolds. Yes, sounds completely crazy, I know! I felt a little ridiculous standing at the stove, stirring prefolds! :) After boiling, I threw them in the wash to run through a hot wash/cold rinse and hot dry cycle in the dryer. I was excited. I had already washed the gdiapers and liners and had them ready. So, I snapped them in, stuffed the liners, and stripped down my baby boy. I must be honest... I was disappointed to see how big the diapers were. You hear about cloth being bulky and, well, with the particular prefolds I have, they are bulky! The hemp is absorbent enough to go overnight, and is also bulkier than the cotton. I haven't tried it overnight yet, but I believe it. So, back to the first diaper... I used the cotton insert. Within a half an hour, he went "#2" and it squirted out the sides (just as it does in a disposable, though, I might add). So, that was not a great "welcome" into the CD world. :) However, there most definitely is a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how tight to strap them, how to best stuff the inserts, etc. What had happened was that the insert had bunched up. So, that's something I have to play around with. Because it is a prefold, I can fold it less tightly to leave a wider surface area. I have done that with subsequent diapers now. The other three diaper changes have been much better. :)
The cloth experiment continues... to be continued...

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