Monday, January 25, 2010

my makeup drawer

Jo-Lynne, over at Chic Critique, is hosting a "What's in Your Makeup Bag" Carnival, so I thought I'd play along.
My makeup bag is actually a makeup drawer (that is organized at the moment!), so I'll share a pic first.

What's in that drawer? Well, you'll see I wear two brands: Mary Kay and Clinique. There's no big reason behind that except that I got started with Mary Kay as a preteen (with their skin cleanser routine) and moved to Clinique later on after scoring some great samples and getting hooked (lol).

Clinique's Step 1, 2, and 3


(two examples of colors in my drawer)
Mary Kay's mini mineral eye color quad (honey spice, sienna, blue metal, vintage gold)
Clinique's color surge eye shadow trio (rose chocolate, luck penny, confetti)
(two liners in my drawer - I used to use liquid liner, but now have found that I like these two pencil options better)
Clinique's kohl shaper for eyes, black honey
Mary Kay's signature eyeliner, steely
(mascara "must have" - I have thick lashes and like small bristles on my mascara wand. I have found this one to be the best. No clumping, etc.)
Clinique's lash power mascara, black

Clinique's sun-care UV-response face cream, SPF 30 Clinique's superbalanced foundation, cream chamois
(very seldom do I use blush, but I like how this is not a powder but more of a powdery cream that I spread on with my fingers, if that makes sense)
Mary Kay's signature velvet mousse cheek color, berry


(my most recent purchase - I like that it's a "thicker" lip gloss)
Clinique's vitamin C lip smoothie, goodness grapecious

Ok, well, now you know what my makeup regiment looks like. Of course, as I type this I am "au-natural" with no plans on going out for the day! :)
So, what's in your makeup bag? If you play along, be sure to leave your link in my comment section as well as linking up at the carnival.


Musings of a Housewife said...

Very fun! Thanks for playing along! :-) I like the drawer. You can really see everything in there. I wish I had enough drawers to dedicate one to my makeup.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

That drawer is way too organized.... please tell me it's messier than that on most days. Cause my makeup bag is NOT as clean as I showed it on Chic Critique!!

I'm a Clinique lover too.. I just feel good about putting it on my skin - it's nice and gentle.

I want to try that Lip Smoothie - it sounds right up my alley!!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I loved the tour through your makeup drawer! I used to use Clinique all the time, but now that I live in a much more rural location, I rarely get to a Clinique counter. But that lip smoothie -- I might just have to make a special trip! :)