Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When I think about being yoked to something, it usually comes across as a negative thing... being pulled down. Even when it comes to being yoked in marriage, comedians usually use the bond as the brunt of a joke. I was challenged today to think otherwise.
One of the definitions of "yoke" is the use of something that represents a bond between two parties. In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus tells us to rest if we are burdened and heavy ladened. Then immediately He tells us to take His yoke upon us. Seems counter-productive, doesn't it? He's telling us to rest, which to me means taking off something, disconnecting myself from others or commitments. But that's not what He instructs. Put on my yoke, He says. But check it out: His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (v. 30). So by putting on the yoke of Christ, we actually lighten our load. Wow. What an image. Be silly with me here and imagine putting the yoke of Christ as if we were wrapping ourselves with a light, feathery boa. If we wrapped that boa around another, we'd be yoked, but with a light load. Certainly is a lot more appealing that making the load heavier. So let's try it. Rest today by taking His yoke. Tim Tangen from EBC, says the "Biggest enemy of rest is our selfish ambition." What are we striving towards that really doesn't matter? What is zapping our time, our energy, & our strength that doesn't allow us to rest? Let's take off those selfish ambitions and work by putting on the yoke of Christ. When we're yoked to Him, he'll lead us to what He wants for us. The burden will be easier and lighter as it will be shared with Him.

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