Thursday, October 29, 2009

one gift down!

I've been reading about the latest deal through Kodak, and finally put my creative juices into play to take care of one Christmas gift (frugally).

Here's the deal: Go to their site, click "get your free gift," open a Kodak gallery account, then they will email you a coupon code to get $15 off your next order. That's it. The only "catch" I would say, is that the coupon code doesn't last long. I think I had about a week or two to submit my order. I was a bit bummed at that, thinking it'd have been neat to use the money and create a baby brag book or create a calendar, mug, etc. with both kiddos - but, for these ideas, I'd first have to have my baby which requires a little more time :)

So, instead, I created a set of coasters for my parents. They recently moved out of their house (and out of state), where they'd lived for 20 years. I had shot a couple of pictures of the house/yard before leaving - capturing some of the unique, old trees on the property. I selected a photo that focuses on part of the tree, but has the house in the background. (Well, I'll just attach it and show you :) I thought that was a neat "remembrance" of the house, but still "pretty" enough to be used and displayed on a set of coasters (that comes with it's own wooden display/holder, neat).

The bottom line was that I had to pay the difference of the item's initial cost minus the $15 coupon (5.00) plus shipping (5.99). However, not all products are greater than $15, so it's possible to get an item at the cost of just shipping.

Looking for a unique, personalized gift? Go for it - happy shopping!

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