Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31st

Wow. So usually we have no trick or treaters, but for whatever reason the street is flooded with kids tonight. And... we... are... not... handing out candy (or celebrating in any way). Hubby's at the church where there's a "Fall Festival" going on, but since it includes dressing up and getting candy (pretty much celebrating in my mind!), our family's decided that even though it's our church's event, it's not for us/our kid. When we first arrived, we sat down and shared our views with the senior pastor and while hubby has to go for work time, the s.p. knows we are personally not in support of it. But, it's not part of hubby's ministry, so beyond attending, he doesn't have to do much with it.
So, oblivious to the goings-on, Lynn's in the tub playing. It's kind of eery, though, to hear all the cars and activity on a normally quiet street outside. With all the outside lights off and no idea about what pranks might be done, it makes it even creepier.
Lynn and I attended her school's fall festival a few weeks ago, where there was no link to Halloween, so I don't feel that we're being a "scrooge" to the whole harvest season activities.
I found this article describing the origin and present day activities of Halloween and thoughts about the church's and a Christian's role in the "holiday." Honestly, I agree with most of it and feel that it's one holiday that doesn't deserve my support. Second to Christmas in money spent... third most "partied" holiday, behind Christmas and New Years... wow. A lot of money and time and energy goes to celebrating a holiday that teaches our children about ghosts and goblins... spirits from the dead, from hell. Seriously? It doesn't matter if you don't dress your kid in those costumes, the ideas still go hand in hand with the holiday.
Anyways, just some thoughts from someone who doesn't usually get too vocally opinionated on my blog. :) You are more than welcome to share your views and what your family does in the comments below.

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Pastor Matthew said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts. Ps the article is really good. We should save it for the future!