Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Big stuff for little man tomorrow. I am getting a final (!) ultrasound, for a "peace of mind" fluid check as well as checking out little man's status. Then a doctor's appointment, including an internal check, where *hopefully* we'll find that I have made some sort of progression. The plan is so far (pending no changes based upon what we see/don't see tomorrow) to induce next Thursday! Seriously! I am sooo excited (understatement)! These past couple of weeks have been the hardest in some ways. I think in the beginning of the pregnancy, it was hard because the risk of losing him was the greatest. So once we got past the first trimester, it was a small sigh of relief. Moving to the second trimester, it got harder when I knew that he was technically "viable" at 25 weeks... what if I lost him, when he might've been able to survive outside of me? Now in the third trimester, especially in this ninth month, I want to feel him all the time... I want to be able to detect anything that seems odd... at times I almost lose my breath when I let fear fill me with the unthinkable idea of losing this one in this last month like last time. When I made it to 36 weeks/last week it physically sickened me thinking about making it this far last time to suddenly lose my child. The pregnancy has felt so long during the past nine months and these last couple of weeks pregnancy symptoms have kicked up, making me long for his arrival physically and emotionally. I've been sleeping on the couch for so many weeks now I've lost count. My back aches all the time. The top of my belly is sore. Heartburn has returned. Smells affect me once again. I've just started swelling some (although I must say, this is the first pregnancy that my wedding/engagement band still fits at this point) :) I just feel physically worn out. But, this is nothing new to the world of pregnant women nor to myself. I have been through all these and more and so I truck on :) But... it makes me all the more excited to think about him being in my arms in just one short week and a day!

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HDMac said...

Oh how exciting! Keeping you in prayers and I am just smiling!!!!!!!

Hope that today went well!

love in Christ,