Tuesday, October 27, 2009

labor... delivery... soon? oh my!

Ok, I just reread my post on fear, I promise. However, I was just talking to my hubby and realized that I am really just around the corner from giving birth to this kiddo and that scares me out of my mind! Like, the birthing process... I know I've been through it twice and when I think about that, I calm down a bit, but seriously, labor... delivery... recovery...ugh. I still remember my words to the doctor after pushing for two hours to deliver my 8lb 12oz Lynn, "Why in the world would someone do this a second time?!" :) Too funny. I also remember the doctor checking in on my the next day asking if I was so enamored with my newborn that I was ready to retract my previous question. I told him I hadn't forgotten the pain quite yet! And here I sit six years later... I have birthed another in between, but he was a little five pounder and quite a bit easier to deliver (as in pushed for ten minutes and boom, there he was)! I am anxious about how it will all go down and my stomach turns over when I think about that day approaching. I know that my anticipation also includes apprehension regarding getting this one out safely so it amps the nerves up a notch. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday in which I'd like to talk to her about narrowing down an induction date. I'd like to see this little guy on an ultrasound sometime soon as well. It's been two weeks and I'd like some visual assurance that levels are where they should be and what he's up to (or hopefully where he's down to). My NST on Monday showed contractions, which I've felt for some time now, but they haven't yet shown on the monitoring. Good stuff. So, induction date... we'll see. Hopefully the 12th of Nov. My doctor's on call that day and I'd be at the end of my 38th week. Sounds good to me! From my 20 week u/s baby's been measuring consistently a week ahead (I've had 3 u/s since the 20 week one) so if he can be ready early, I'm ready early!
Anyways... that's what made my sudden "scare," realizing that the 12th is only two weeks (& one day) away! Yikes!! :)

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