Saturday, October 24, 2009


"If ______, then ______."

We inevitably have answers that fit in those blanks. Something happens and we have a reaction. It can be a positive situation or a negative one. Likewise, it can be a positive reaction or a negative one. In my current week of Beth Moore's Esther study, she challenges us to fill those blanks like this: "If this, then God." It really doesn't matter what the "this" is... will our reaction include God? Will our reaction by Godly? Will our reaction acknowledge His presence in our lives despite how hard the "this" of the moment is?
She had us fill in blanks with things that we fear most and how we should respond using scriptural promises. My first blank was: "If I lose this baby as well, then God will continue to guide us through with His peace and love. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us."
Fear. It's shown up in random little ways throughout this pregnancy. I wouldn't say I'm struggling with it, but when it hits, it is all-consuming. You can't crack the door open for fear to come in because it will push the door open wide and fill the room! In Moore's study she said that the command "Do not be afraid" is the most frequent command in the Bible. I found that extremely interesting. God knows that fear is where we are most likely to let Satan have a foothold... fear, worry, preoccupation with the worst that might happen... I believe those are all the same. When it consumes our waking moments, then we are not filling in our "If, then's" with God as the result.
Think about it... what "If ___, then ___" have you faced this week? What have your reactions been?

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