Monday, August 10, 2009


Lynn's birthday party was on Friday. Kept it pretty simple this year - six girls for this sixth birthday. They decorated flip flops (as seen above) and then played out in a kiddie pool and slip-n-slide, as well as on the swing set. It was fun to see how each girl decorated her flips. Some went with ribbons and flowers, while others just peeled and stuck foam cutouts. Some put cutouts on the flat "foot part" of the flip flop, while others just stuck to the plastic cross pieces. Cute. Reminded me just how individualistic we all are - even at the ages of 4-6. The drama that played out that day also reminded me of that fact. Where there are girls, there is drama, even during a two hour birthday party :) . The part that made me smile the most was watching them all sit around in the pool with their tea cups and plates having a "tea party" with some of the play food and dishes we brought out. Too cute. So civilized in that moment :)
All in all, the prognosis at the end of the day was "I had fun, mama."

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