Tuesday, April 7, 2009

signs of life

Just 7 weeks along but we saw today that little one is beating it's teeny heart strong and steady. Relief. Excitement. Assurance. Nausea (haha). No, but really, our appointment today went just fine. Met with a ultrasound tech who had no idea of our history (seriously, sometimes I wish it were mandatory for the nurses/staff to be up on patients' histories like the doctors), so she didn't realize what this little heartbeat did for my heart and just blabbed on afterwards about humdrum pregnancy stuff while I was silently praising God from the depths of my heart. I was kinda sad/disappointed that I was only 7 weeks along. I've been internally "fighting" a battle of hope/desire since not having a cycle (10+ wks ago) and for me to "only" be 7 weeks is almost like a letdown. AHHH. What a dummy. Forgive me for even saying that. I am totally, totally, totally beyond amazed to see life within me again. The fact that the baby was so tiny but had that strong regular blip of a heartbeat completely wows me to the core. I can not and will not complain about it's age of development :) Shew. Thank you for your forgiveness.
We decided to go ahead and tell our daughter the news (since we also plan on sharing soon with friends and church members in hopes of their prayer support during this time). I expected some sort of question regarding this one possibly dying, but no response like that, just quiet, reflective excitement. My hubby teased her about learning to change dirty diapers to which she replied, "descusting!"
It'll be a slow road ahead, but with the promise of God's grace, it'll be November before I realize it.


Anonymous said...

Praise God!

Charity said...

That is such wonderful news! What a miracle of life inside of you.