Tuesday, April 7, 2009

can I "review" a day only half over?


Spent... the morning at my daughter's school, helping (from the sidelines) during swimming class. Humid room - my hair did not fair well

Procrastinating... doing my work. I need to start - right after this, no excuses!

Also need to... mop this kitchen floor. We planted a lilac plant (three of them) yesterday and I now have red, clay mud all over the kitchen floor (my fault).

Can't believe... that it's now in the 30's outside, when it's April and we just had a beautiful weekend! Br! Er!

My husband will be excited that I... changed out our faucet Brita filter. Happy day, babe!

Physically feeling... hungry! Not sure whether I should snack (for the fourth time this morning) or just eat an early lunch since it's 11a. More procrastination ;)

Ready... for my ultrasound this afternoon. The nurses appointment went fine yesterday. The Lord set us up with such a compassionate, sweet nurse (who "oddly enough" was filling in at the satellite office I go to, from the main office - thank you, God, for the set-up). She was able to bump the ultrasound from next week to today. No more waiting.

Still amazed... at the beautiful rainbow I saw yesterday. The Lord allowed me to glimpse His glory through an amazing, full double rainbow after losing Nathan. It kinda felt full circle seeing one again yesterday, right after our appointment. Whatever happens, His promise of mercy is there.
(Here's a pic of "Nathan's rainbow." I didn't have a camera to catch yesterday's).

I hope this Tuesday is a good one for you.
Now, time for me to get to work and eat! :)

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Charity said...

Hope the ultrasound goes well. How awesome that the Lord showed His glory through your seeing a rainbow!