Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - surprise

I had hubby take this pic, then I imported it and stuck it in a photo slideshow of various photos from the past month. I then played the slideshow for my folks to surprise them with the news of our pregnancy. :) Fun.
I'll have to start turning sideways for the traditional pose, but didn't want to admit I have a little "pouch" already. Third babies don't stay hidden for long, I suppose.


HDMac said...

PTL!!!!!!! Please know that I will keep you oh so close in prayer!!! :)

In Christ's love,

Miranda said...

Congratulations!! I said a quick prayer for you. Read your side profile...WOW...blessing to you, I so mean BLESSINGS. Sweet, loving, abundant and happy blessing.

Tiff said...

No they don't LOL i started showing at 9 weeks. Congratulations!!!

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Dana Schmoyer said...

Yay!!!! I haven't caught up on reading blogs lately, so I'm a little late. Congratulations!