Tuesday, April 21, 2009

facebook, always good for a...

...pick-me-up. I finally spilled the beans of the pregnancy on facebook yesterday and within minutes had all sorts of past & present friends shouting out their congratulations. How fun (so it's safe to mention the preg on twitter now as well). :)
I've figured out how to limit some of my "friends" from seeing all of my photos and feel a little better about my privacy settings on there. As you have probably noticed on here, I'm not big into posting pics of my family. While I do enjoy seeing other bloggers, their kiddos and the funny things they do on some of the blogs I read, I just don't feel comfortable enough doing that with my own family. So, I also have some hesitation about showing all the obscure people that I sort-of knew in high school updated photos from all parts of my life now. Pics of me, that's fine. But, the goofy ones of my kiddo that I want to share with recent friends, not so much. I do think it's interesting to see what people are doing now and it sure beats an awkward high school reunion, so I haven't abandoned the idea of befriending these folks, just limiting their views of my profile.
Any..ways... I digressed, but it was such a good lift-me-up yesterday to receive everyone's well wishes :) And I want to say thank you as well for your prayers and concern. My blogging friends - you might not have a clue how I look, but I appreciate your friendship and support! :)

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