Friday, March 13, 2009

Apple's new shuffle

Have you seen Apple's latest release? What a greatly designed new shuffle! I have a pink 2nd generation clip-on shuffle. But, this new one they've just announced combines several great things - it still clips (which was the BEST idea), plus it has voice-over to introduce the songs. How great! So many times I'm like, "Who sings this?" while listening to my shuffle. I know, I know, you might be saying "that's the point of the shuffle, to "mix" things up a little." However, while I like the idea of randomizing my music, I would like the opportunity to know which artist is playing. I typically load many of our new cds onto my shuffle and well, it's not the greatest b/c I never know who is who. :) Now they come standard with 4gigs. Wow! Mine has 1, which is plenty for me, however with the voice-over feature, I'd load up my shuffle and not worry about removing and reloading as often. Very cool. The one feature I'm not so sure about is the controls on the headphone cord. The way we go through headphones/earbuds in my house, we'd have to stock up on a few to have as spares. I believe Apple is trying to keep people purchasing their earbuds through them - not cool. That's just going overboard, in my opinion. They already have the market on mp3 players (as well deserved), but they don't need to control the earbud industry! All in all, this looks like a great new product. My hubby is drooling over them. (He has the 1st gen. shuffle). I told him he could go for it, if I could have a new Vera bag. Hey, gotta be fair, right? ;)

------> new one!

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Matthew said...

so that sounds like a good deal to me. When can we do it?