Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, if you've been reading my Twitter updates, you'll have seen some updates regarding a "critter" in my attic. Let me just give a huge "UGH" right now. We think it's a squirrel and thought we had it taken care of.
Wait, let me back up and start from the beginning...
Monday I'm in the bathroom flat-ironing my hair when I hear scratching above my head. It sounded as if something wanted to dig to China through my bathroom ceiling the racket they were making. I jokingly called my hubby and asked if he had invited some party guests over and hid them in the attic (as Monday was my birthday). He said no.... (as in "what in the world are you talking about?!"). So, thus began the drama...
We waited until the following morning, after hearing more scratching (hubby heard it that time too) and called the Critter Control people, who were very prompt and scheduled an appointment for later that day. The kind man went up my attic, saw evidence of a squirrel's path up and out of my attic via the stove top's exhaust fan's venting/hole. (But did not see the squirrel itself). Great. The little booger had shimmied under the rain cap over the venting hole, chewed through the screen that was over the vent and then pushed the vent down so that he could fit through down into my attic. Almost $300 later, we have now paid for the man's trip out here, plus supplies and install of 2 stainless steel metal boxes (simply put they look like wire in-baskets) installed upside down on top of my roof - over both the stove's fan vent and then vent for my bathroom fans.
Fast forward and it's now Wednesday. That afternoon I heard more scratching. Oh no - we had trapped whatever critter we had inside the house instead of keeping him on the outside. We made an appointment for the critter man to come back (free of charge/under their warranty) the next morning.
It's now today. I heard more movement this morning. Whoever it is is still here. Not so insistent in scratching, but more like moving around. (Maybe he's rearranging everything I have stored in my attic for me. How sweet. Not!) The man comes back, goes up in my attic, armed with several traps. Still no sight of the critter. So, right now we're just hoping it goes for the bait. The man left a large trap up there as well as some small ones ("in case we have a very over active mouse up there or something." Which just makes me shiver involuntarily. Ick.)
I'll let you know what we catch (knowing that I can't wait to pay that charge!)
So, all this wonderful drama. At least it's not drama with my kiddo or the youth at church! :)

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