Thursday, January 8, 2009

sharing prayer

This morning I sat down and started in the book of Daniel in the Bible. A familiar story, but I asked that God use the familiar to teach me something that I needed to be reminded of today. I thought I'd share. In Daniel, chapter 2:17-19 specifically, God reminded me the importance of sharing my prayer load. When Daniel heard about the king's order to kill all the "wise men of Babylon" (Daniel and his friends being four of those such men), he "urged" his friends to "plead for mercy from God." It was then that the Lord revealed the king's dream and it's meaning to Daniel. Daniel was then able to see the king and relay the news to him. There's lots more to the story (which is when the "fiery furnace" and "lion's den" part come in - see the rest of the book of Daniel for that), but God wanted me to read about prayer this morning. Whe shouldn't be afraid to share our burdens with others, especially fellow believers that will join us in prayer over our needs and concerns.
So, that being said, I now turn to y'all and ask that you keep me in prayer this afternoon. :) I go in to a "maternal/fetal" specialist for a consultation, check up, etc. to talk about my child losses and to draw blood, and hopefully for the go-ahead to move forward and begin again. My obgyn said that this type appointment wasn't necessary, that there were no "red flags" in anything that happened, however for my piece of mind it was perfectly ok to go. So, I made the appointment and am just eager to talk to someone as a second opinion and to ask questions about what's next and what happens if/when I do get pregnant again, etc. So, that's it, but it does have me a little bit nervous. Would you ask God for a little comfort for me today? A little wisdom too. Thanks.

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