Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the grace life

"The grace life respects not only elders and people of authority but everyone it encounters. It respects those with whom we disagree. It respects strangers. In work situations, it respects subordinates. When we live by grace, we see through the eyes of grace. Suddenly that other person appears to us as a child of God, someone to whom Christ is reaching out, just as He is reaching to us. We hear His voice whispering to us, 'Will you help Me get through to that one? Will you serve this person? She cannot hear my voice now, but she will respond to your gentleness.'" (taken from p 176, Captured by Grace by David Jeremiah)

If I had to create a new year's resolution it would be that I would live out that grace life. I desire to hear the whispers of God, or should I say, I desire to have the self motivation, the "guts," the whatever to OBEY them. My resolution is to grow closer to Christ that I may be so honored to have his voice whispered to me. That His other children (people) might be reached through something that I might do for them in His name. That I would see others as He sees them, simply as His children, whom He created and loves.

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