Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wed - first pics

My daughter (five years old) got a real, digital camera for Christmas. She loves taking photos with ours and is always very careful, so when the grandparents asked what they should get her, I brought up the idea.
Here are two of her first few photos, after snapping some of me & her daddy.

She took about five of the tv! :)

And then some of her "baby bear." (ignore the trash by the backdoor to go out...)

How fun!


Joelle said...

So cute! All my first pictures were of people's butts - I blame it on being short and having a *unique* eye - hehe

Jane Anne said...

My kids got the Fisher Price digital camera last year. Man, they take some funny pictures. And, when they take one of me, I have to try really hard to get in the picture.
Too fun!!

Laura said...

Funny! I bet my son would love a camera, too!