Thursday, October 23, 2008

playing the Celebrate Fall game!

Following up on a commenters' Celebrate Fall's Extravaganza with this post.... (Hi, Tiffanie, nice to meet you!) Today she is looking for our fall craft projects. Crafty, crafty... let's see... aside from scrapbooking, lately I haven't been up to too much. So, since scrapbooking's "boring" to blog about, I thought I'd pull out a sewing project from earlier this year. I recovered my couch pillows! I've done this several times and originally got the instructions from HGTV. They are removable covers, perfect for pulling off and washing as needed. This is not a fall craft, per se, unless you're my friend Charity, who redecorates (curtains, pillows, decorations, etc) for the different seasons! So, check it out and may I say, it was definitely easy (for a beginning seamstress like me) and definitely fun to have a new look!

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Tiff said...

Love that fabric!! I have something similar to that on my curtains! If I didn't have Three kids i wold change my decor to fit the season. But man I just don't have the time. More power to your friend! And Nice to meet you too!!! Thanks for playing!