Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"The crown that showed no dignity He wore."
-Jeremy Camp, This Man

Mrs. H,
When's the last time you donned that crown? When's the last time you stepped out on faith and followed that nudge inside to approach someone who was noticeably hurting? When's the last time you put someone else's priority/desires over your own? When's the last time you were laughed at because of a "Jesus comment?" When's the last time you prayed over your food in front of others, outside of the home? When's the last time you asked a non-believing co-worker if there was anything you could pray for them about? When's the last time you knocked on a neighbor's door that you haven't met yet? Don't be afraid to lose that dignity and walk in His shoes.

Just challenging myself today and hoping you, too, will take a little time to contemplate when you last picked up His crown.


Marcie said...

Thank you for the reminder. We all need to be reminded of walking in His steps and pleasing our Master.

HDMac said...

That is a wonderful challenge.

I can't tell you the number of times as a mom out in public with my handicapped child, struggling, when some kind person came over and made a KIND comment, understanding some of what I was feeling...

I love kids ... and I love to notice when kids are behaving! So when we go out to a meal and I see a lovely family with the kids being polite to the waitress and others, I always like to go up and give them a kudos for being so polite and compliment mom and/or dad for a job well done. Encouragement - it honors Christ's purpose.

Thank you for this thoughtful post!