Monday, August 25, 2008

rice & water

Seen this yet: Came across this site today, as recommended by another blogger. How are your vocabulary skills? After a bit, I've gotten to level 34 and donated 1200 grains of rice. I wonder if that's at least a pound?
How about this: This one gives away cups of water. I only got up to 50 cups of water and pretty much bombed once I got to the 2nd level! I must admit, though, I did better then I expected. My world geography skills are lacking.
Seems as though these have been around for awhile and I'm way behind, but hey, in case anyone else is in the dark as I was, check them out. Come back and tell me how you did...

update: Tom recommended another: Free Charity, which donates water as well. Give it a shot. It gives clues like you'd find with a crossword puzzle.


Tom said...

Freerice is great! They just recently added new subjects that you can learn, such as Spanish and Art.

The interactive map in freepoverty is very cool. I like what people are doing with these charity game sites.

What do you think about

Mrs. H said...

Thanks, Tom. Just tried it out. It's harder, in my opinion. I'm not too good at crossword puzzles! But, I got up to 40 oz. in a few mins.