Monday, August 25, 2008

boring, hm?

Well, I'm home with a daughter who has strep throat... guess it was only a matter of time before she got it, since I had it last weekend. Except for the white spots my hubby saw on her tonsils yesterday, she's normal. No fever, no sore throat, no miserable sick feeling. So, being couped up at home is not fun when she could be with friends at school. I'm just glad my husband caught it! We've got vacation coming up. I hope he stays healthy!
Anyways, I've been reading some new blogs (including The Pipers and Really Living.) I really appreciate their transparency. My daughter just got done finishing her mandatory rest time (which today meant 15 minutes in bed, then another 45 of quiet play in her room). Well, I think she spent 30 of the 45 minutes asking me when it was time to come out and how it was "boring" in her room. Now if her room is boring, I told her, then we'd just get rid of all her toys! I mean, really! It was just a matter of being told to be in there. She ended up having another ten minutes added on b/c I told her I'd add five minutes if she came out again. Well, after two five minute additions, she stayed in until the buzzer went off. Usually she's good at playing on her own, but since going to preschool and now kindergarten, she'd rather play with a friend (or me) than by herself. Uh - where'd my independent-player baby go?

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