Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008

"happy" 1-month to my little man,
Ah how I wish I were celebrating like "normal" with you in my arms and me reminiscing over labor and deliver. I miss you and all the would-have-beens, little man. So. much.
My original due date was friday, the 20th. How odd to have still been pregnant this extra month. It feels like forever since May 24th! I still look at your picture daily to remind myself you are real. Last night, I put my hand on my stomach as I was reading and tried to remember what it felt like, only one month ago when you were still moving around inside.
Father God, if/when you give us another child, help me to treasure each feeling of life within me. I did treasure Nathan's life within me, but just fill me with awe and wonder over your creation again (when that time comes). I praise You and thank You for the peace You have covered me with. That's how I would describe it - this cloak or covering that has soothed me. I would also say it's a filling - like you took the holes and plugged them with Your love and grace, and then refilled my heart back up with peace. Thank you.

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