Thursday, May 22, 2008

journal, the day before my world crashed

I keep a journal with each pregnancy. My hope is that one day to pass it on to each child, when they are expecting their first child. This was my journal entry dated May 22 (the day before I stopped feeling Nathan move). I was 36 weeks along.

Hi little sweet one from the Lord,
Do you know how simply precious you are? The Lord has "fearfully & wonderfully" made you and continues to form your little body even now as I write. (Psalm 139:14). Your tiny fingers and toes which started from nothing until God joined together two cells and continued multiplying them. You were a life, a person, a child from that very beginning moment. So much more than a clump of DNA or some random pack of cells! You were and are worth so much more. God knows and has a plan for you even now! (Jeremiah 29:11). Dear one, I look forward to seeing the Lord's hand in your life. I pray that He would give your daddy and I His wisdom in raising you with, not just a knowledge of God, but a fear and awe of all that You are.
The pregnancy is still going well. I have my moments. I had one night (middle of night) with a very painful leg cramp. I rolled over and all of the sudden my calf tensed up. Boy did that hurt! The nosebleeds and headaches have not been coming as frequently, although 1-3 months ago, I was having them every other day or so. My biggest problem now is just being so uncomfortable in bed - my hips hurt from laying on my side. I just might have to start abandoning daddy and sleep on the recliner.
I have been having contractions - just braxton hicks - EXCEPT last Monday! I was driving home from work and felt pain all the way around - back to belly. It would come and go away in a few seconds, returning about three minutes later. I got home, layed down, still having them every 2-3 mins., lasting 4-5 seconds each. It went on for about 20 minutes then subsided. I guess you're getting ready :-) I'm ready for you whenevr. Lynn's ready to meet you. My friend had her little girl a week or so ago and Lynn said "I wish it were our baby's turn to come!" I do need to get the baby stuff down and start to wash some things! Plus start to pack a hospital bag. Maybe. Just in case. You could be my early baby, as opposed to your sister at ten days late. I go to the doctor today so we'll see how everything looks. Maybe those contractions will have helped me start dilating. I've only gained 15 lbs. so far. I love you, kiddo. I enjoy feeling your little hands and feet inside me, but keep growing and come out when God guides you. :-)

added later:
"stats" from our appointment:
lost weight! down to total weight gain of 13.5 lbs. (doctor's not concerned b/c you're measuring right on target!)
your heartbeat (as always, and as your sister, at the lower end of the range): 131 bpm

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