Thursday, April 3, 2008


Waiting. "Good things come to those who wait." Hmm. Is that why pregnancy lasts nine months? By the way, less than three left to go! :-)
Well, I'm waiting on something else now as well. We just switched our phone service from our cable provider to another "well known" voice-over-internet provider. I knew the number portability took time, however I did not know that I would be assigned a temp. number that people would have to use to dial me in the meantime. I did not know that if I plugged in their device, I would stop my last service and force myself to use their provided temp. number. Bummer. I can not undo their device and use my old service, even though I am still being billed for it. How tricky. Hm. So 13 days of my free money-back-guaranteed 30 days of service I have a temp. phone number. Hm. Not sure about this. All to save a few measly dollars a month. (However those measly dollars will be used towards diapers and who knows what else in just a few short months!) Ok, enough griping. I've been gone forever and now come back and gripe - how sad!
God's been doing some amazing things during my absence from the blog world. Let me praise Him for it... The baby has been developing healthily and we're looking at about only 11 weeks left to go. We bought a house, which has been great. We've slowly been adding our touches (got some great bedding and bath stuff at Linens & Things last month). Dear daughter is finishing up her last year of preschool and we've been able to select (and afford, hooray for PK discounts!) a great Christian school for her starting next school year. My extended families are doing well and we've got a summer full of great stuff with our youth group. The Lord is blessing and I praise Him and thank Him for these times of joy.
How are you doing? Any major plans for this spring and summer?

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