Monday, July 9, 2007

"I call, You answer..."

Such simple lyrics, but it speaks to my heart this afternoon. Reminds me to lift up my thoughts and distractions to the Lord. The lyrics by Hillsong United continue "...and you came to my rescue and I want to be where you are." Ah, I need to rest in His hands today. For some reason this weekend (and today) I have such a shortage of patience for my daughter and husband and it's not their fault, but I've been snapping their heads off. I've apologized and now I just need re-filling from God. I need to replace my impatience with His mercy. How amazing is His limitless supply of grace for us. How amazing is His peace when we ask for it.
Father, thank you for forgiving my humanness and rescuing me from my sin. Fill me with your peace and allow me to overflow Your mercy and grace to others. Amen.

edited at 3:37pm: just read a post on another blog who so wonderfully put in words my thoughts for the day. Check it out.

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Lundie said...

Thank you for the reminder as well - I need a REGULAR reminder that if I need filling, there is only one source for me to fill with - the rest will leave me cranky!!