Saturday, July 7, 2007

house stuff

Posting about how my home is built, made me work on the ole homestead - only in a physical sense this morning. My hubby and I bought that "do it yourself" or should I say, "spray it yourself" bug spray stuff that you put around the baseboards of your home, inside and out. It's supposed to work just like the pros' stuff. So we'll see... I am quite tired of squishing spiders (or should I say calling out for hubby to come squash, depending on how big and ugly they look). Hopefully this will help. Dear daughter came into her room (as we had pulled everything out from the wallboards) and asked what was going on in her room. Although, I was thinking, what a perfect time to move things around in her room. Yes, we just moved here three months ago, but I'm ready for change already! Why not start in my daughter's room!? We'll see if she goes for it - at four, she is very particular about where things belong (except that doesn't stop her from leaving her room a mess!!) Hmm... now where can we move her bed to....? Off to rearrange!

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