Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So this weekend we attacked my daughter's room all with the intention of giving her a "hiding space" like the one my daughter saw on one of my Pinterest boards:
Well, my daughter is of course 8, so there is no crib in her room... she does however have a fantastic bed that has drawers underneath so it sits a bit higher. We turned her bed and gave her some space between it and the wall (hidden from the door to her room), that being the best "fix" for an impossible goal. We then arranged every other piece of furniture in her room and cleaned off all dresser and desk tops, so it's picked up and looks new.

I love rearranging rooms. It just freshens a space. My master bedroom and living room are pretty much situated in the only possible way available -  not much empty wall space - too many doorways, closets, and a fireplace in the living room. Boo :( So, that leaves me rearranging the kids' rooms. :) Yesterday, I was able to give Zane the above type space (and goodness, Lynn is jealous). His bed was already in the perfect spot, I just had to move a piece of furniture out of the corner (relocated to his closet!) Sooo... I'm hoping my hubs will give me the go-ahead to put together the pvc framework to give him the curtains. We tried a tension rod and that is not quite the best idea for a 2year old boy! :) Not only doesn't it stay up long, it then becomes a sword that he swings around! (Where do they learn this stuff? I really think it's just in the genes for boys - swords/guns, cars, balls. It's all there - with no teaching from us!) Anyway, I was trying to think of what to do with the "secret hiding spot" to make it more "boyish." I thought about putting a small tent in that space, but it's really too small for that. I thought about making it more of a teepee hideout, which would work, I guess. But, after passing along this idea to my dad, who enjoys making things, I think I'll just stay with the curtains and have this on the wall inside the "secret spot":
That is very cool! Gadgets to fiddle with. Zane will be all over this. He's into figuring out how things connect and work. He has already disassembled things, due to curiosity vs a destructive nature. Thanks, Pinterest, for some fun ideas to feed my rearranging addiction. ;)

You don't have any different ideas for Zane's spot, do you? What would make this hideout more "boyish?"

edited: just found this space as a boy option... Those are cool things hanging from the ceiling. Zane's room is more about cars and trains though... I also have a huge open wall to fill. I've been debating what to do on that! Spare car parts? Photos of cars? Unfortunately my budget for this is like $10, so I can't be too extravagant for either part of the project...

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