Tuesday, December 20, 2011

magnetic art display... a project

It dawned on me that in these days of Pinterest-inspired projects, I hadn't yet shared a project that we completed before I got addicted, er introduced, to Pinterest.  
My daughter is a budding artist and has many, many creations. The problem is that my refrigerator isn't big enough to hold all of her artwork ;) I basically have one clip on the fridge and rotate new projects through - for both her and her brother, who has picked up on how to use a pencil pretty fast.

I wanted her to be able to display her artwork in her room. We have two bigger projects within poster frames, but still needed something for the smaller stuff. Just for safety reasons, I didn't want a bulletin board with pushpins. Zane is in her room all too often playing with her and I didn't want him to come across a stray pin. So I thought - let's go magnetic. I couldn't find a "real" magnetic board that wasn't crazy expensive, so I got to thinking... what about coming up with our own, diy style? But then entered in the question of how to adhere it to the wall without using adhesive. 

A quick trip to the supply store yielded us with a flat strip of steel (found it in varying lengths & just got the one that worked best for us) along with mirror hangers! Forgive the blurry photos - just took quick snaps - but you can see how it is attached to the wall. No adhesive (just holes, lol). We also got some strong magnets from the store and they hold several layers worth so that she can overlap pictures.

Ta-da! The completed project. It can get quiet crowded, so occasionally I have to come in and guide her in paring down, lol, although generally it's her wall space so she can "decorate" it how she wants. 

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