Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pattern of Wounds by J. Mark Betrand

Ever watch the tv show CSI? If you are a fan, then you should look to Pattern of Wounds by J. Mark Betrand. Unfortunately, I am not such fan. This book, for me, fell into the category of "too much" - too much detail when it came to the fatal wounds inflicted on the deceased subject and "too much" information within the plot to get to the conclusion. There were many characters, past crimes/details intermixed, and at times I had a hard time keeping it all straight.

I think that the dialogue and the experiences the main detective has must be very true to life. The horrors that policemen come across as a daily part of their life/job, is unthinkable to someone outside of that profession. I think this book addressed those things very gritty and realistically. I appreciated how the author mixed in the main character's home life, his spiritual questions and doubts, and how that played into the cop that he was. I don't expect or desire that every book I read have a beautiful, confrontational-free (unrealistic) storyline of a person's life, so in that regard it was refreshing to read of a non-believer's struggle with understanding the truth of the gospel. Life is messy and this main character spends his days seeing the world's self-focused, sin-filled side of things, and then has to come home at night to a less-than-perfect family situation.

This book has made me think more about the men and women (and their families) that serve the citizens of my city in that profession.

I should add that this is the second book in a series starring the main character, detective Roland March. Most likely his character's story will continue on and develop in further works. I have not read the first novel.

I feel that men might enjoy this book more than women, or simply someone looking for a "CSI-type" read that isn't a "cliche" Christian novel.

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Jane Anne said...

I am really not a fan of shows like that. However, I enjoyed reading your review. It sounds like a book my dad might enjoy reading.

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