Monday, August 15, 2011

to "pin" or not to "pin?"

Initial thoughts about Pinterest, before I joined... I figured it'd just be another social media time "waster." So I resisted. Didn't even go over to the site. Didn't want to be drawn in. Well, that was all well and good... until Lynn was at VBS, the hubs had Zane out on an errand, and the meeting I had been committed to suddenly got cancelled. Enter in that amazing thing called "time." Could I have completed a chore around the house? Yes. Could I have sat and read a book? Yes. Could I have typed out some wonderful post for the blog? Double Yes. But... I just got curious.

Well, curiosity led to asking a twitter friend to pass along an invite and wouldn't you know it, I very quickly had 10 boards on Pinterest to which I was "pinning" all sorts of things.

My hubby and another friend wanted to know what the "point" of Pinterest was... my initial answer would have been, "it's the new bookmarking." But now that I am a "pinner," I'd have to say it's more than that. It's an avenue for dreaming, for imagining, for finding inspiration, for being allowed to pin things just because they're "pretty." On the more sensible side of things, it can also be used to pin recipes or crafts to make, places to visit, tutorials to read/watch. Pinning them keeps them all in one place - visible.

As with all things internet, set a timer, then allow yourself a certain amount of time to just start looking... and pinning :) At this time, you need an invitation to get in. Email me or leave a comment if you'd like one.

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