Sunday, August 28, 2011

raw, pure worship

Had such a beautiful, powerful, real, and almost raw time of worship tonight. The church we've been visiting had a potluck supper and a "concert of praise and prayer" tonight. They don't typically have Sunday night activities, so this was something special scheduled.
Music is a powerful tool of worship for me. Obviously, it has the ability to sway emotions, but for me, it's the lyrics that have that power. I just can't sing what I don't mean - or if I am just "going along" with it, I feel so convicted and God breaks down those walls that I've built up.

This morning, I came to worship feeling discouraged and a little down. The selection of songs, along with the pastor's message, righted my perspective. This evening, Satan used those same defeating thoughts from earlier and wanted me to sink into a funk, but the Spirit took mercy on me and the time of song and prayer was just crazy powerful. The last song... Revelation Song was like we were singing at the throne of God Himself. Shew. It was a weird mix of emotions - I wanted to shout, cry, and dance in excitement, all the while singing the song to God with all that was in me. [I am a pretty reserved gal. I will throw a hand up every now and then when I get to singing words that are coming straight from the heart. Or maybe close my eyes to sing so that I'm not distracted, but anyways, this mix of pure worshipful emotion was powerful.]

I guess I don't really know why I'm sharing this, except just to let down some walls and continue to try and be real with yall. Half the time I walk around thinking I've got it all together when honestly I'm a mess. A mess that just needs the ability to lay it all down and worship the One who has, knows, and is all.

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