Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My mother in law has a green thumb. She knows all sorts of information regarding flowers, their ease of growing, and has a beautiful display of container gardens on her back deck to prove it. I, on the other hand, fumble bumble and can get most things to grow, but don't have a desire or passion for it like she does. All that to say, I would much rather get my camera out and photograph her little beauties in action - growing and blooming their little heads off.

These flowers are called lantanas. Dave's Garden has a great little synopsis about them. They bloom repeatedly throughout the summer, come in a TON of colors, and take full sun.

A couple of things I didn't know...
"Danger: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested." (source) -- yikes!

"If you have ever watched a lantana for a period of time, then you are aware that each little floret of the flower cluster changes colors during the day. If you were able to remember which floret you were looking at and went back three hours later, you would already start to see a change. This trait only holds true for the lantanas with multiple colors." (source) -- If I only knew! Next time I visit, I will have to see if this holds true! How fun!

Sweet Shot Day

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Lisa writes... said...

My mother has some gorgeous lantana bushes; they are huge, due to the fact that they are "old fashioned" (her words). She too is an amazing gardener with impeccable taste. I, on the other hand, have little patience for gardening and the upkeep therein. Anyway, I had no idea about the changing colors; how cool is that?