Sunday, June 26, 2011

cuts, pierces, & pricks

My new quiet time material has me studying the book of Acts. As much as I enjoyed (in an eye-opening, convicting, deep look, sense of the word "enjoying" lol) walking through Paul's books, I decided to study another New Testament book that I really have never dug in and studied for itself: Acts.

I've just ended Acts 2, where the author is recounting the crowd of Israelites' response to Peter's sermon (in which he reminds them of the prophet's Joel's prophecy promising the Holy Spirit's indwelling in the last days. Then he reviewed recent events - how they just crucified Jesus, and how God raised Him up again. Might these be the last days? Because with the resurrection complete, God had also continued fulfilling His promise of sending the Holy Spirit to those who repented and believed.)

Verse 37 of Acts 2 says when they heard this, they were "cut to the heart"(ESV)/"pierced to the heart"(NASB)/"pricked in their heart"(KJV) and wanted to know what to do next. Peter tells them repent and be baptized... There were about three thousand souls saved that day. Do you know what 3,000 people looks like all together?!
The ability for God's truth to speak straight into our lives amazes me. The fact that so many hearts were convicted with the overwhelming need to repent after Peter's message that day? Incredible. The Holy Spirit was truly at work that day.

We have a very personal, very loving God. He knows our needs but knows that He is the best answer to them. However, there's no cajoling or convincing, just the truth laid out there. Ultimately the decision comes down to us. He speaks to our hearts, He cuts, pierces, and pricks, but do we listen?
Have you listened - and responded?

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