Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden strolling

Well whadayouknow... blog-friends can become real-friends! After randomly "meeting" Marci from Pretty As a Picture through a weekly photo challenge/link-up that we had both participated in, we decided to meet face to face and (what else?!) take photos together. We met at a place that was new to me, a local, public Garden. Wow! The flowers were in bloom! It was a little hard to maneuver my son's stroller around, but I guess when I think of strolling through the Gardens, it does usually involve romance over childcare. ;) [So maybe that's where this week's Foto Friday theme of "Out of Place" can come in... my stroller was out of place in these gardens...]

I enjoyed getting close (oh, see, there's the romance, lol) with the flowers.

It was a great morning! We've decided to plan another photo walk and "inspire" one another by exploring great new spots around our area (which is one of my goals for myself this year).


Amanda said...

How fun meeting a bloggy friend in person! I 'met' the Pioneer Woman at a book signing, but that's the only blogger I've ever met - that I know of.

I love the purpley/blue flower. And I can't name either of them. Do you know what they are? I am clueless. (me and my black thumb)

Mrs. H said...

LOL... Nope, I have no idea on the names/types of these flowers! :) Feel free to speak up, if any of you future commenters know!

Lori said...

I don't know the names of the flowers, but you are right about the romance. I just keep staring at that first photo,I'm in love,it takes me away! :)

Kim said...

I bet your stroller was out of place. But who cares, right? These are beautiful shots.
I have been trying to organize a photo walk here with friends (non that blog about photography, but are shutterbugs), but we are having trouble with weather. It keeps raining.
Those flowers are simply stunning. I love the detail you captured. Fantastic job!!

Meg said...

Great pictures! :)

Danyelle said...

I love the last one's color and focus.