Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My hubby is a biker. Nope, not a motorcyclist, but a bicyclist. He mountain bikes, road bikes and bikes with the kiddos. Due to some monetary blessing in past years (called a tax refund) and the selling of an older bike this weekend (the Cannondale above), my hubby now has a bike to fill each of those slots (yes, I know, it is time for me to get some new lenses for my camera to keep up!) He was out cleaning his old mountain bike getting it ready for its new owner, so I took some shots to capture the moment but also a few of bike parts just for fun.

I love that he bikes. I am not really into riding myself, but I love that this hobby of his gets him outside, active (aka muscular & tan, mmhmm), and allows him the ability to clear his mind (without just zoning out in front of the tv or computer). So for that, I'll be a biker-wife ;)

Sweet Shot Day


Marci said...

I LOVE riding my bike..we just recently got a kids seat for my husbands bike so now all 3 of us can go on rides together. Your last 2 pictures are nice abstract shots. That's funny that we have the same building but different views(the RJR building..)-it certainly does make a great subject, loved your take on it! :)

Matthew said...

Well I do need one more bike. One for you!