Thursday, March 10, 2011


It took photography to allow my eyes to see the beauty in the everyday and even in the "ugly" of life. Driving down the road, I compose shots in my mind of the scenery around me... The intriguing rock silo that is on the way to my daughter's school. The doorways of the downtown shops. The car taillights that line up in front of me at a red light. Yep, even the random piles of trashbags that line driveways on trash day.

It took my son to allow me to see that photography in yet another dimension. My one year old son, when carried in my arms, will say "ooooo" and point as I pass by a picture hanging on the wall, both in our home or out somewhere else. Similarly, I can hear him from another room saying a family member's name, and when I peek in to see what he is doing, he is usually pointing at a photograph and saying that person's name.

As I mentioned in my book review last week, these realizations have also made me consider what it is that surround me. Do those pictures on the wall contain items that make me consider the work God has done in my life? Am I slowing down to say "oooo," more than in just the aesthetically pleasing sense? I want to balance my interest in photography with the idea of life symbols. I pray that God will allow me to use this enthusiasm for photography for His glory. I've got some more thinking and praying to do on that subject, but it's something that I'm trying to figure out in my head. What is next for me? Will photography just remain a past time and even if so, how will that past time be used to His favor?

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