Friday, March 11, 2011

fix-it friday #90

Well, since my Friday photography link-up has concluded (I'll miss you Foto Fridays!), I need to find a new one... enter "Fix-It Friday." I've been a (sort of quiet) member of I Heart Faces community and have checked out this weekly activity often, however never participated... until today! This week they are hosting this via their community, so you have to be a member to post your edited version, but you should be able to just click the link above to still view the rest of the submissions if you're curious.
So - here we go --

Here is the supplied "before" photo:

And now here is my personal edit for the "after" photo:

It's a alot warmer, which to some might be over the top, but I really prefer warm tones with photos of people. The pink of the shirt was just too "harsh" (again, for my tastes) so toning that down was important to me as well.

I thought I'd just go ahead and take a screen shot of my editing so that yall could see what I did. (If you work in Lightroom, you'll recognize the look of this "history" rundown - the sequence begins at the bottom and goes upward for the order in which I edited).

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Carmen said...

I love the edit! ;)