Tuesday, February 15, 2011

straw bubbles

More playing around - this time with my wide angle converter lens that also has macro capabilities. This was my first attempt at using it and figuring out the "manual" focus it requires. Bonus was that I enjoyed a fun time of chatting with my daughter as we split the Sprite to eventually drink. :)

Pentax Kx at 50mm
1/13 sec at f/10
ISO 400
(taken inside in the afternoon, back-lit by a south-facing double window)

Sweet Shot Day


Chelsea said...

This picture immediately caught my eye on Sweet Shot Tuesday. what a neat shot!

The Coach's Wife said...

I'm with Chelsea - this immediately caught my eye on SST! The clarity of the bubbles is incredible!!! Can't wait to delve in to macro...someday.... ;^)

Anonymous said...

Great shot!

Steph said...

Awesome close up.

Tara said...

Great shot, love the bubbles!!

Michelle said...

Great job on this -- and kudos for trying something new!

And how fun you got some mom-daughter time in, too!

Michelle said...

oh, and I *adore* your blog header! so so true! :)