Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The weather was so absolutely fantastic this weekend! It had me dreaming of spring.
We went on a hike as a family - our first as a family of four, all together.
Ergo to the rescue! (Although hubby would have preferred a frame pack, I think. Our *cheap* frame pack hurts my back and I've found the Ergo great, but hubby felt it was a little small over top of his fleece jacket).
Lynn was sporting her new hydration pack on her back; she was excited to get to use her Christmas gift.

I was happy with the way this shot turned out - the sun shining in through the bare trees on my daughter who had wandered ahead of us on the trail... so very ethereal. I'm linking it up with Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Pentax K-x at 35mm
1/80, f/13
with ISO 1600 (bumped it up to get that light airiness)

Sweet Shot Day


Courtney said...

i love these, i think that days looks like a truly perfect day!

love and life ♥ said...

Looks like a great day, love these shots. So beautiful!

deb duty said...

Wonderful photos! I love family hikes. It's our favorite thing to do on vacations since there aren't a lot of good hiking areas around where we live.

Kristy said...

lovely shadows

Jaymi said...

beautiful, love the lens flare on the last one!

Courtney said...

Beautiful shots! Looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

These shots are amazing come link them up to my party!They are perfect for the Beat the Winter Blues Party! http://goodbycityhellosuburbs.blogspot.com