Monday, January 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (Monday)

Again... a day late with this submission, but I'm back for Scavenger Hunt Sunday (on Monday)...
This game is addicting. I invite you to join in to Ashley's "little" party this week.

1. This is me.
Finally took down the tree this weekend... but, before it all goes away, a little fun :)

2. Resolutions
Gonna have to stick with the same idea as I posted for "fresh" on Friday. However, just to vary it up for ya, here's a different photo of the idea of "hope."
In case you missed it, pertaining to resolutions, here's my thought: It's a new year and I need to have a fresh perspective on things...
It's time to re-focus on HOPE (specifically my hope in Christ).

3. Treasured
There were about a bazillion things I could've posted, but seeing as we are getting snow again, I had to shoot this for "treasured." This kiddo is one of my treasures and really, her childlike and carefree action of catching snowflakes on her tongue is one that I'd like to embrace and treasure a little more this year. I think in some ways, the world (I) rushes children to grow up and the weight of real life on them holds them back from just being, well, kids.
May I treasure who they are today and allow them to be kids :)

4. Innocence
Ah - what says innocence better than the purity of a sunrise?

5. Primitive
This was taken at one of my favorite photo session locations. I just love these buildings, circa 18th century, the site of an early Moravian settlement.
(Sorry, this is from the archives in order to fit the topic & get this post up!)


Buckeroomama said...

Glad you joined in --Scavenger Hunt Sunday is one of my favorite photo memes. It's such a lot of fun! I love your Resolution and your Innocence shots! =)

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm glad you joined too - I love your treasured shot. I hope you have a great week!