Monday, November 29, 2010

black & white

Read this tweet by Mark Hall from Casting Crowns some time ago and jotted it down: "James 2:10-13 It's amazing how we see the lives of others in black-and-white and our own lives we see in gray."

It really is true, though, isn't it? We are so quick to judge others, but yet come up with an excuse which makes it ok when we ourselves do the very same thing. I find myself falling into the easy trap of judgment... "I can't believe she did this..." or "Can you really believe he said that..." It's not that I'm even saying this to another person, as in gossiping, but I think it to myself. The very fact that this train of thought comes into my head at all is sin. Selfishness. "Judgmentalism." Yet inevitably if we ourselves were in that same situation, we might have reacted the very same way.

Ah! Why do we do this?!
Father, help us to see others through the lens of your love. Help me to remember that "mercy triumphs over judgment." (James 2:13)

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