Thursday, October 21, 2010

baby wearing, step 2

Wow. I turned on my Keurig over an hour ago and I am now just getting my coffee. Through no fault but my own... or maybe I can blame the makers of Beco Butterfly 2 and the Ergo Carrier. Doing some more research on my next carrier. Zane has progressed from where he was manageable in the Moby & ring sling to where I just use store shopping carts and stroller more often. I can still use the sling to help hold him when he's on my side, but it's not quite "hands free." In fact, when he's on my hip, it becomes "additional hands" if you know what I mean! So, why not continue to just use the carts, stroller, etc? Well - I volunteer each week at my daughter's school (running copies for her teacher, eating lunch with her class, hanging out during library time, etc) and her classroom is on the second floor - in a section of the school with no elevator access. My stroller is amazing and does fold up quite manageable, but I'd rather just wear Zane. We have a hiking backpack that I tried once and it TOTALLY killed my neck and back. I couldn't wear it around the school let alone hike with it! I'll leave that one for hubby.
So I've been checking all the wonderful "for sale" forums and boards for used ones. You know, they are far and few between! People are holding on to these carriers. Guess that says a lot.
Feel free to email me if you've got one for sale :)

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