Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hello. my name is Mrs. H...

...and I am a babywearing mom.

I really enjoy the ease of "wearing" Zane while I am out and about. This whole H1N1 thing has me nervous about all the possible exposure while we're out shopping or even just attending church. Enter the idea of babywearing. I first was given the sling (second pic) by a close friend of mine. She has used her sling with her last two children and has sung praises about it. So when she offered to have her sister make one for me as a baby gift, I jumped at the chance. We went fabric shopping and a few weeks later, just in time for baby's birth, she mailed me my new sling. It's very fast and easy to slip on, insert Zane, and tighten. My only complaint is that it hurts my (semi-bad) back after wearing it too long. It feels better if I have the availability to hold one hand underneath for a bit of extra support.
The second is called a Moby Wrap. This I purchased after Zane arrived from Heather at Mom4Life. I have another friend who really enjoys hers and even her hubby has been telling my husband that we needed to try one. A product for my husband to use to carry Zane? Sounds like a must-have. This is one gigantic-long piece of fabric. But, after practicing a few times, it's a piece of cake. Zane slips right in and is more secure in this wrap. I feel more hands-free with this one. However, it's a bit bulkier and takes longer to put on. If I go out using this one, I wrap it around me before leaving home, put on my coat, then it's all ready to use with the baby when I get to my destination. The sling, obviously, can just be put on when arriving at my destination.
So, I like both for different reasons. If I am working around the house, I prefer the wrap. If I'm running out and need to get in and out of a store quickly, I like the sling. Sunday night I used the sling at church, but tonight I'm going to try the wrap. The wrap is obviously not as "cute."
Both are great and I enjoy wearing Zane!


HDMac said...

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Anonymous said...

You look great, you did a wonderful job in your babywearing technique, I ha! I so very much love babywearing, I did it with all my boys till they were about 18ish months old and wanted to be up and down every 5 second! I really like your carrier choice as well. Wrapping is so much fun! When mine got older I very much enjoyed our ego carries.