Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little etsy love

If only I had a gift certificate to etsy for a thousand bucks...

I'd start here... And while I was sipping my nice, hot coffee, I'd shop for my kids first (of course).
I'd start to order this and then remember that I have a baby boy, so I'd get this instead.
For the big sister, who is so proud of her role, a bright purple tshirt.

For serving whatever wonderful meal I'm cooking that night, I'd get this platter to serve it on.
Then, to snuggle under while we're reading our night time story, we'd have this, made from all of my husbands hundreds of tshirts that he can't bear to part with. ;)
Since my hubby enjoys bicycling I'd surprise him with a (mountain biking) tshirt of his own (since he just got rid of the hundred t's to make the quilt with ;)
Since everyone got something, now I can order another little something for the mama... (Since mother's day is coming up after all).
Oh wait, one more thing... in honor of our 9th wedding anniversary, I'd order this for our home. Bicycle built for two! Too cute :)

Ah... what a fun shopping trip.

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