Saturday, March 27, 2010

ho hum

I feel kinda bummed. But I know it might be Satan working on me and I don't want to let him win. I have been really pumped the past few weeks regarding what God is doing in our lives right now. My husband and I have actually begun to go to counseling (which will have to be another post for another time), my family has (almost) officially joined a new church, and I had my first (although non-paying) photo shoot.
As of today, my daughter is off visiting her grandparents for a few days, which leaves us as a family of three for the weekend. Since Zane's snoozing at the moment, my hubby's catching a few z's himself (while basketball's on tv) and I've been trying to catch up on a few things online.
So, all that to say, forgive me for being so lax on the posting of late. I've been spending my extra time fooling around with Adobe's Lightroom (only have a 30 day trial!) and setting up another blog. I'll be back...

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