Thursday, February 25, 2010

15 weeks

In honor of Zane's 15 weeks of life outside the womb, I thought I'd document a few (15) things that he's been up to lately...

1. smiles - lots of them! He is one social dude.
2. observing - he is a serious little man, who loves to take things in. He'd much rather be in his bouncy chair looking at you than in your arms.
3. coos and sounds - he's begun to carry on conversations. He will respond back to you when you talk to him (especially in a high pitched baby voice :)
4. loves the changing table - it's a perfect distance to carry on a "conversation" with whoever is changing him.
5. unswaddled - he previously needed to be swaddled to help him calm down and snooze, however lately the swaddling agitates him and he'd rather sleep unswaddled.
6. reaching & grasping - he's now reaching out towards links hanging from his bouncy chair's mobile and will grasp them and yank!
7. mouth, mouth, mouth - if he can grab it, it is pulled up to his mouth. He likes to pull his blankets up and eat them. :)
8. skin issues - poor guy is going to have skin issues like his mama. I have psoriasis and it appears as if he's got my genes for it. We are having issues around his belly button and front diaper area :(
9. love - he is in love with his sister. When she talks to him or giggles he immediately smiles and giggles back.
10. sleeping - finally sleeping through the night! He's giving me at least six hours, but sometimes needs a paci-pop in to get him there. On a good night, he'll go 8 or 9 hours between feedings!
11. sniffles & coughs - he got his first cold last week. It's so hard to see him struggle with coughing. :(
12. bumbo - this thing is the coolest! he can now sit in it and maintain head control (unless he's tired!) Ours was a hand-me-down and is bright neony green.
13. naps - he's taking less naps than before. Getting older and not needing as much sleep? It's throwing me off!
14. cereal - no, we haven't started yet, but it seems as though he's ready. He still only goes 3 hrs between feedings (unless we're out and about and he's snoozing in his car seat) and I think with just that little extra he'll be content longer, especially with the lack of naps lately.
15. blessing - He has been such a welcome spot of brightness with the loss of Nathan and now the loss of my husband's job/our church.

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HDMac said...

Oh how I LOVE baby smiles!!!! What a joy he must be!! Thankful for all of God's blessings. And thanks for sharing yours! :)