Saturday, December 19, 2009

the time between

I think I have bloggers block. Ok, well maybe actually it's just sleep deprivation. And loss of time. In newbornville, it seems that all I do is feed my child, feed my child, & feed my child. He's gained exactly 2 full pounds (from birth weight) in five weeks... he's up to 10lbs, 8ozs. Not bad, I guess... all that feeding is going somewhere. That should make me feel better, hm? My time is at least being productive. :)
Well, some of my time is being productive. I think it's quite interesting to hear what a new mom picks to complete during the 2 hour block of time between feedings. Zane eats every three hours, but by the time you take out the actual 30+ mins it takes to nurse/change/burp/etc, it amounts to about 2-2.5 free time between feedings. For me, I have no set routine yet... some "between feeding free times" it is an actual household chore that gets completed, some days it is a nap (although I'm not a napping kind of girl), and other days it is a shower or something else for just me. Most days I don't even remember how I spent those times. Other days I can't believe that I didn't get more done during those times! :)

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