Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my boys

My son in heaven
`opened his eyes for the first time and saw only the glory of heaven
`had the most perfect little body, void only of breath to give him life
`will never feel the touch of his hand in mine
`will forever be missed

My son on earth
`is an undeserved gift
`has been a soothing balm on a hurting heart
`loves to snuggle and be held
`has brought out a nurturing side in my daughter
`has caused times of excitement, enjoyment, and exhaustion

Both of my boys...
`were created and fashioned by God specifically for our family
`have impacted my life with their short time in my life
`favor each other in looks
`have made me the mother of a boy
`have caused me to reflect on life in a new way
`have taught me to rely upon the Lord, completely


HDMac said...

:) Beautiful....... and from the heart...... yes, my Matthew opened his eyes and the first thing he ever saw was Jesus.... Now other family members are in heaven rejoicing with him... meeting him even before me... :)

Did I tell you that my newest grandson was named for him? What a joy. And this grandson is so sweet and beautiful... just like your new son!


Elizabeth said...

There is something at my blog for you.


Matthew said...

This is so beautiful. I love to watch you with our children.