Thursday, November 5, 2009

M2M Scavenger Hunt

Playing along this evening with fellow PW, Lisa, in her "Married to the Ministry blogroll" Scavenger Hunt! So... here goes... more than you really wanted to know about me :)

The Treasures

1. First Name. "Mrs." (sorry, but would like to stay Mrs. H for now).

2. State and Country of Residence. East coast, USA (again, just gotta be a bit anonymous)

3. Husband’s Ministry Title. Ministry and Youth Pastor

4. Length of time in Current Ministry Location. 2 1/2 years

5. Children? If yes, give gender and ages. girl - 6; boy - arriving on Nov. 12th!

6. Number of unique homes in which you’ve lived during your marriage. Eight (in just 8 1/2 yrs! 4 states/5 cities...sigh)

7. Cook Sunday lunch or eat out? Cook. Nothing big, but we eat at home.

8. Typically on time for Sunday School or not? Close enough. I'm usually chatting with people in the hallway on the way there. Plus, I stop at the senior high students' class because they always have iced coffee which is completely yummy!

9. Favorite TV Show. Not really into tv, however will tune into pretty much anything on HGTV if it's on.

10. Something you watch/like/do that you would never tell the church people. I love to take looooong showers. Man, whoever invented indoor plumbing and shower heads are on my top-favorites list.

11. Most annoying church-related pet peeve. Being expected to know things just b/c I am a staff member's wife.

12. One thing you need to throw away but can’t bring yourself to do it. I'm nesting - everything's getting tossed!

13. The one food you can not live without. dark chocolate!

14. Parsonage or have your own home? own home (been there, done that in the past with a parsonage - not quite my cup of tea)

15. Freak when the doorbell rings or always ready for a visitor? pretty much ready but would much rather know ahead of time. LOL, of course in one week with a newborn I will definitely freak! :)

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Cora said...

I'm with you on the parsonage issue...we were at one church as youth minister. They rented three different houses for us the three years we lived there. I love having a little more control over where I live than what that church offered. Nice to meet you!

Cheryl said...

dark chocolate and iced coffee, 2 things I love too!

Enjoyed reading your answers!

rachel said...

Hi Mrs. H! Congrats on your upcoming arrival!!

rachelw said...

Iced coffee...Yum! Congrats on the new addition to your family. :)

Dana Schmoyer said...

You have really had your share of houses the last 8 years, I hope that slows down for you! I can't believe Baby Boy is going to be here so soon, I am very excited and praying for you! I enjoyed getting to learn more about you.

Cathy said...

Congrats on soon having a new little one!

Mary Beth said...

I am just starting to like dark chocolate... need those antioxidents, ya know!

Congrats on the soon to birthed baby! SO happy for you.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I wish I could nest without having to add the baby at the end.. I'm too old!

Georgia Jan said...

Blessings to you as you await your new son. My birthday is November 16...any chance he will arrive that day!

I enjoyed your blog so much.

Georgia Jan

Cindi Dailey said...

Hey! I love dark chocolate, also!